• 懐石料亭「桜田」最後の100日

    ”SAKURADA” Zen Chef

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    A documentary film featuring the final 100 days of a renowned 2 Michelin starred kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto, “SAKURADA,” after the sudden announcement to close its doors.



    Solitary Chef Isuzu Sakurada is featured. He awoke to the world of cooking during his training at the Zen temple in his teenage years. Remarkably, Chef Sakurada brought his restaurant to an esteemed one-of-a-kind status in just one generation. Through his “retirement,” the film describes the association between the world-view pursued by Japanese cuisine in Kyoto and the spirit of Zen.




    Deep in a narrow alley behind Bukko Temple in central Kyoto stands a restaurant. It only has 4 tables on the floor and 10 seats at the counter. This is Sakurada, the renowned Kyo kaiseki restaurant, widely known among chefs all over Japan. It is said that Sakurada is the restaurant that young chefs head to in order to learn the standard of “Dashi (soup stock),” the heart of the Japanese cuisine.



    Although the restaurant had an ever-booming business after it became a 2 starred Michelin restaurant in 2015, the Owner and Chef Isuzu Sakurada, “the Master,” suddenly announced that he would close the restaurant. He calmly said to the surprise of his patrons and panic-stricken staff, “I am not young anymore and think it is the time” and moved on to close the restaurant.




    The 14th head master of the Mushanokoji Senke tea school, Soshu Sen, has frequented the restaurant since it opened. He praised Chef Sakurada, “He never became a business person. He has always been a man with a cooking knife who strives to achieve mastery of culinary art.” The tea master also said, “There are only a handful of people who can finish strong. I envy him.”


  • Screening


    The Seattle International Film Festival

    (1) �MONDAY, MAY 29, 2017
    SIFF Cinema Uptown_17:00

    (2) WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2017
    AMC Pacific Place_16:45

    (3) FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2017
    Kirkland Performance Center _16:45


    11月06日(日)_18時 終了


    11月14日(月)_19時半 終了


    11月27日(日)_12時〜 締め切り  → リンク


    11月28日(月)_18時〜 締め切り → リンク

    ゲスト/妙心寺退蔵院・松山大耕 副住職、桜田五十鈴氏
    上映会:18〜20時 @¥3800/ 一品付き
    懇親会:20〜22時 @¥6000/ディナー付き(希望者のみ、参加は当日お伝え下さい)

    12月09日(月)_20時〜 募集中 → リンク 【映像制作者向け上映会】




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    Hirokazu Kishida


    Director / Cinematographer

    1975年京都生まれ。ミャンマー留学中に映像制作に出会う。光学メーカー勤務、Web媒体の取材記者を経て2011年より映像制作をスタートした。独学ではじめた短編ドキュメンタリー制作により、2012年発表の「Cans of Hope」で京都国際インディース映画祭グランプリほか、アメリカ・英国・アジアなど5カ国8カ所の映画祭で入賞・入選。2015年7月に株式会社ドキュメンタリー4を設立し、ドキュメンタリー手法を特徴とした、Webメディア向けの映像ルポや、広告・プロモーション向けのコマーシャル映像制作を行っている。


    企画・撮影から編集までを手がける“ビデオグラファー”を集めた定期イベント「Videographer’s Night」を共同主催。2017年3月より早稲田大学ジャーナリズム研究所・招聘研究員。大阪国際メディア図書館、関西学院大学では、ノン・ナレーションのドキュメンタリー映像制作について講師を務める。



    Hirokazu Kishida was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1975. He was first exposed to the world of video production while studying in Myanmar. After working at an optical manufacturer he became a journalist for a web-based media. In 2011, Hirokazu started a career in video production.


    He learned to create short documentary films on his own. In 2012, his film “Cans of Hope” received the Grand Prix in the 6th Kyoto International Indies Film Festival. The film also won prizes in eight other film festivals over five countries including the U.S.A., the United Kingdom and Asia.In July 2015 he set up Documentary 4, Inc., working on video reportage for web-based media and commercial video production for advertising and promotion.Hirokazu is a co-organizer of the periodic event “Videographer’s Night.” The event targets the young videographers who plan, film and edit the film productions on their own. He also teaches videographer style production at the Osaka International Media Library and at Kansei Gakuin University.


    Phone : +81-(0)90-9112-1778
    E-mail: kishidahirokazu@gmail.com

    Website: www.kishidahirokazu.com